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Customer who have found & hired great service providers from Hooseh


Ms Khan

Aircon Service. 11thMay2018.

Polite and professional. Overall is satisfactory.

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Mr Seng


Painting Service. 2ndMay2018.

Easy to discuss with, Also flexible with timing.
Excellent communication and project execution.

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Mr Abdullah


Renovation. 1stOctober2017.

Lepas begitu lama, akhirnya sudah baiki.
Terima kasih.

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Ms Lisa


Plumbing Service. 8thApril2017.

Kerja Bagus. Toilet tak bocor dah!

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Mr Will


Painting Service. 16thAugust2017.

Work not bad. Price also Ok.
Hope better next time.

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Ms Chong


Aircon Service. 10thJanuary2017.

Service is not bad lah.
Hope you do better next time.

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Ms Lee

Tile Installation. 16thMay2018.

Polite and professional. Even Cleanup after work is good.

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Mr Thang


Aircon Service. 8thApril2017.

Swift & throughout from start to finish.

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Ms Jane


Electrical Service. 15thAug2017.

Fast & Efficient.
Quick to find & fix the problem.

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Ms Rahim

Carpet Installation. 31thAug2018.

Terima Kasih. Kerja yang Bagus.

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Mr Khun

Electrical Wiring. 6thJan2019.

Problem was identified and fix quickly.

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Ms Olivia


Plumbing Service. 26thJan2018.

Efficient work! Done within the expected time-frame.

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