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Customer who have found & hired great service providers from Hooseh

Ms Khan

Polite and professional. Overall is satisfactory.

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Aircon Service, 11/5/2018

Mr Seng


Easy to discuss with, flexible with time. Excellent project execution skills.

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Painting Service, 2/5/2018

Mr Abdullah


Lepas begitu lama, akhirnya sudah baiki.
Terima kasih.

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Renovation, 1/10/2017

Ms Lisa


Kerja Bagus. Toilet tak bocor dah!

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Plumbing Service, 8/4/2017

Mr Will


Work not bad, Price also Ok.
Hope better next time.

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Painting Service, 16/8/2017

Ms Chong


Service is not bad lah.
Hope you do better next time.

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Aircon Service, 10/1/2017

Ms Lee

Polite and professional. Even Cleanup after work is good.

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Tile Installation, 16/5/2018

Mr Thang


Swift & throughout from start to finish.

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Aircon Service. 8/4/2017

Ms Jane


Fast & Efficient. Quick to find & fix the problem.

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Electrical Service, 15/8/2017

Ms Rahim

Terima Kasih. Kerja yang Bagus.

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Carpet Installation, 31/3/2018

Mr Khun

Problem was identified and fix quickly.

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Electrical Wiring, 6/1/2019

Ms Olivia


Efficient work! Done within the expected time-frame.

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Plumbing Service, 26/1/2018

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