Company Description

Hooseh (Bryton Home Service) started when the company set up in 2012 for the purpose of providing home services application to the community. As the company grows, it has evolved into a business platform that transforming small and medium size business in Northern Region by helping them to easily connect to the customers.

The existence of us is to empower the local business in Northern Region of Malaysia. We believe it is a more efficient and effective way for the consumers to find a trustworthy service provider in Northern Region of Malaysia. We connect consumers with our trusted service providers via web platform to provide requests.

We believe the existence of Hooseh, able to help on the growth of local businesses model, which could have huge impact on the regional economies.


To be a Trustworthy Provider which well known by Local Community


  • Serve and satisfy every customer need with courtesy
  • Continuously develop pathways for servicing innovation
  • Inspire lifelong learning and advance knowledge
  • Serve and treat all staff with respect and dignity
  • Raising community awareness on the benefits of servicing provider

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