Types of Services

Scenario 1 : Painting

Eric was a business man and he planned to have his old house being painted. Due to his busy schedule, painting his home seemed nearly impossible for him. Through his friend introduction, Hooseh sent his man to discuss the painting project and provided recommendation and advice on color selection to meet his need. During the painting, their main priority was to cover the floor, protected the furniture and thoroughly cleaned the working area after finished the job. Eric was impressed by the work, not only because they had done the painting project in timely manner but brought back his old home to life with right skills, materials and paints.

Conclusion: Painting your house is important process and the job must be done by professional painter. Hiring professional painter will give you the opportunity to focus on other tasks and have quality time with your family.

Scenario 2: Plumbing

An old lady had plumbing problems in kitchen sink which required plumber to fix it badly but she was too afraid to call a plumber because of the cost. One of her neighbor was aware of her worry and began to seek help from one of Hooseh’s professional and qualified plumber. Once the plumber arrived, the lady did have the look of fear concerned about the bills. The plumber headed for the kitchen sink, he quickly spotted the problems and fixed it immediately. Overwhelming by the fear, she began to ask how much it was going to cost. The plumber said in low voice: “Nothing, madam.” and the plumber offered her an advice on improving her home`s entire plumbing system. There was a sigh of relief on her face and she appreciated for the big favor the plumber did.

Conclusion: Hiring professional plumber can help you to fix the problem in one visit without spending your money on buying and renting any tools and equipment. Expert advice will be offered to improve your home`s plumbing system. Do not afraid to call for plumber if you are in emergency. Fear is what held many from calling when they need help. Fear can take hold of us and keep us from experiencing many good things.

Scenario 3: Electrical/Wiring

Jackson found out that his electrical bill was rising and had few electrical problems which required professional electrician to fix it. Through internet, he found that Hooseh was the trusted service provider and had the service to fulfill his electrical needs. After the discussion with Jackson, Hooseh’s electrician began to access the energy efficiency of his home and recommended upgrades and replacements, installed more outlets, upgraded his panel, doing wiring and fixed other electrical problems. After that, other electrical problems such as flickering light, plenty of power bars and extension cords and strange smell from switch began to be solved. Not only the electrical problems were solved but his safety was guaranteed.

Conclusion: If you are not experienced in this field, kindly do not risk yourself. Hiring professional electrician is better for your family and property. They can help you to troubleshoot the problems and repair them immediately. Our trained and experienced electricians will help you to install electrical application safely and fulfill your electrical needs.